Jon's Arcane

welcome to my website, which contains information on various aspects of the paranormal that i have an interest in. Hopefully you will find something of interest that will grab your attention.

I am a full time working psychic - medium and parnormal investigator. 

You can see me  in action here look for jonmoss2000.

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This is my live chat room link.

Chat to me on keen as well with the  below links

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My reading are charged per min at $2.99 usd - £2.00 depending on the exchange rate at the time or the other option is you can order email reading form me direct for £15.00 , or if you would like and Astrology chart for £24.00

Astrology Chart


Email reading


so if you would like a reading from me then register on oranum thats free add credits to your account and then hit the yellow button  on the oranum site underneath the vidoe of me.

I do reading on the follwing subjects work and career - love life- family and home - friends and relatives - money and luck - affairs fo the heart - marriage- children.

I also do home visits and party bookings as well as charity events so please get in touch if you need a demonstration of medium ship for  any event you would like, use the contact me page to get in touch.

Since I was a child I have been interested in the paranormal and I used to have lots of imaginary friends and teachers that used to come and visit me. At around the age of 14, just after my Nan died, I decided to go into my first Spiritualist Church and from then on it opened up a whole new world to me. I have sat in many development circles, open and closed, gaining lots of experience. I have seen many things from transfiguration mediums to table tipping. I have done demonstrations of Medium-ship at charity events for the British Heart Foundation plus tarot readings for local communities and individual people.

I am  also a Reiki healer, this took me 3 years to attain and I was attuned at Stonehenge which was a really amazing experience to have. I also belong to The Order Of Melchizedek  - red feather of courage.